Salary Payment

Afghan Besim Mobile Money Company (ABMMC) owns and operates a mobile money network in Afghanistan with the brand name “My Money” “زما پیسې”, “پولم”, The network consists of a fully integrated mobile money platform and supporting ecosystem including partners, agents, merchants, and service end users. ABMMC network provides a full range of mobile financial services to the public compliant with Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) regulations and other applicable laws.

ABMMC is a fully owned subsidiary of Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), the first mobile services company in Afghanistan. To its credit, AWCC is the only operator in Afghanistan which covers all the provinces in the country with its GSM network with a primary motive of connecting Afghanistan seamlessly.

In 2011 Afghan Wireless Communication Company decided to provide mobile money services to facilitate the unbanked population of Afghanistan. ABMMC obtained its business license from AISA and its mobile money services license from DAB.

Partner bank

Maiwand Bank is the ABMMC banking partner and ABMMC platform is fully integrated with it. ABMMC has planned to integrate its platform with one more bank very soon.


ABMMC is currently providing the following mobile money services:

  • Sending money
  • Receiving money
  • AWCC airtime top-up
  • Merchant payment for goods and services
  • Salary payment

ABMMC has plans to provide electricity bill payment services and international funds transfer/receipts services in the near future.