Money Transfer

"Sahl Hawala" is a legal Money Services Provider (MSP) Company registered at the "Da Afghanistan Bank" (DAB or the Central Bank of Afghanistan) in November 2020. Sahl Hawala is a subsidiary company of Buloro Afghanistan and fully owned by the shareholders of Buloro Afghanistan. Sahl Hawala came into origin to support Buloro Afghanistan is collecting cas from the sales of Buloro Afghanistan. Sahl Hawala has its head office in Qalai Fataullah PD10, Kabul Afghanistan

Sahl Hawala Company jointly functions with Buloro Afghanistan where Buloro Afghanistan functions in the sales of electronic mobile top-up (etopup) and cash payments across every single district of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, where Buloro Afghanistan distributes and sells electronic top-up in bulk and wholesale through a highly wide-spread network of agents and distributors and sahl Hawala functions to use the cash from sales to distribute for development purposes for national, international and corporate clients and their beneficiaries.

Buloro Afghanistan established in Kabul Afghanistan in the year 2012 and registered as a legal business company at Ministry of Commerce and industries Government of Afghanistan, registered at Afghanistan Telecommunication Authority (ATRA) for functioning in the era of sales and services of telecommunication and GSM. Buloro initially was operating in money services with a No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) from Afghanistan's central bank "Da Afghanistan Bank" (DAB).

Mr. Zekria Ahmadi and Mr.Ferozuddin Amiri both equally own full shares of Buloro Afghanistan while in Sahl Hawala company Mr.Jamil Noori has shareholding.