About Us

Buloro Afghanistan is an Afghan private profit-making business entity that was founded in Kabul Afghanistan in the year 2012. BA was Licensed by the Afghanistan investment support agency, AISA No D-40487, and got its license from the Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Agency (ATRA) and provides services through its new innovated technology, Buloro Afghanistan company stepped into the telecom industry as a leader and pioneer by introducing the Airtime Management System (ADMS) Platform, the platform allowed Retailers to Top-up any customer mobile number of any local GSM operators’ using only one SIM CARD and one account. The system allows the subscriber to use a single user/ SIM for Top through the Buloro Afghanistan web portal or SMS mechanism. The system is giving opportunities to the sellers to earn much more revenue on their sales and solve the issue of keeping the all-denomination physical voucher cards of different MNOs.


Buloro Afghanistan Envision a Vision in the long run and want to Be “well know business entity in the country for its, innovative approaches, transparency in a relationship and constant Growth in the region, by applying state-of-the-Art technologies, considering the Win-win situation in all businesses and socially responsible for the environment and society they are operating”


Buloro Afghanistan set a long-term goal for itself to want to be a leader in providing fintech and supply chain services and to be known as a leading aggregator, promoting cashless transactions in the financial segment and being an active actor in financial inclusions.


Buloro Afghanistan is believing in the below Core values:

  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Respect and Integrity
Buloro’s philosophy

Buloro Afghanistan believes in the philosophy of aggregation, not segregation, and trying to create Synergy, therefore Buloro is focusing on the businesses that are competing in the same industry. BA is trying to combine these businesses in down layers and bring them all, under one umbrella, as a result, BA but efforts to brighten the life of customers and give them comfort.

Business Goal and Objective

Buloro's Goals and objectives are derived from its long-run image and its set in such a way as to meet its Mission and vision, BA is willing to be known for its services as the first choice of customers. Render and offer its service in the best possible way and meet the customer expectation beyond their anticipation, Inside the Buloro every action we are taking is measurable and quantifiable, in terms of what benefit it would add to the business and what outcome we will have, In short, we have set SMART objectives for each unit, that they can easily achieve, with commitment, close follow-up, and constancy.