Mobile money services

Mobile money services | BOLORO strategy is to build a cashless community

BOLORO offer services through mobile money to fulfill its objective of electronic payment penetration Vs physical cash and to help for a sustainable financial inclusions.


Etisalat Afghanistan

Mhawala services

Mhawala services | We as Etisalat Mhawala services field management team offers variety of available services with Mhawala platform from Registration to Cash distribution, BOLORO owns more than 100 distribution points and 300 active agents across the Afghanistan provinces and districts to facilitate easy use of mobile money services.

Roshan Telecom

Mpaisa services

Mpaisa services | BA honored of carrying various service delivery of Roshan’s M-paisa in Afghanistan, by handling projects of loan re-collection for micro finance banks to utility bill payments.

Afghan wireless

My money services

My money services | we work with expert team of AWCC my money services to expand the agent network on strategic locations to increase ease in reach for subscribers of mobile money.