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  • How to register a merchant to BOLORO Airtime distribution management system “ADMS”?
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  1. Merchants holding Etisalat, Roshan, AWCC can get registered to ADMS system for selling etop up.
  2. A distributor can register a merchant in 2 types 1- Sub-distributor 2-Retailer
    1. Sub-distributor is a wholesaler in nature and can do both transactions stock sales & etop up sales.
    2. Retailer can only initiate recharge transactions.
  3. For registration distributor can share the intended merchant Name, Number, Location and agreed % with BOLORO CC team,
  4. Distributor can register merchant directly under its account using ADMS log in credential.
    2. User Name: Farhaduddin

Password   : 0781111112