Here are some frequently asked questions.

How to open a merchant account with BOLORO platform

  1. Retailer holding Etisalat, Roshan, AWCC SIM can get registered to ADMS system for selling etop up.
  2. To get registered call to customer care team

How to sell top up ?

Merchant can initiate transaction trough SMS method (3 Easy Way )




Top up SMS method:

Client will be able to Top-Up by sending a message to a Short Code in defined format

*1*Customer Mobile Number*amount#

*1*0799123456*100# Send to 440

Top up USSD method:

*440*1*Customer Mobile Number*amount#


How to open account for corporations ?

Corporations can contact BOLORO’s corporate sales team for opening account

Account opening process:

  • Sign agreement
  • Account setup
  • On job training
  • Recharge any time to multiple numbers right from your office in seconds.

BOLORO web app, what we can do with ?

  1. Dashboard – Live status report
  2. User can generate account statement.
  3. Register new user beneath to their head account.
  4. Change the intended retailer SIM number in case of change request
  5. Can deactivate a merchant number for preventing misuse in case of lost
  6. Top up report
  7. Stock sales report

What is the process of wrong transaction reversal ?

  1. Retailer can directly call to BOLORO Call Center for troubleshoot request.
  2. Call center C numbers
    1. 0729102067
    2. 0729102001
    3. 0729102082

Recharge amount range ?

  1. Retailer can recharge by considering below given denominations

    • Etisalat Afghanistan
      • From AFN 5 – AFN  5000 per transaction
    • Roshan Telecom
      • From AFN 25 – AFN 5000 per transaction
    • MTN Afghanistan
      • From AFN  12 – AFN 4000 per transaction
    • AWCC
      • From AFN 50 – AFN 5000 per transaction
    • Salaam Telecom
      • From AFN 5 – AFN 5000 per transaction

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