About Us

BOLORO’s vision:

BOLORO makes life easy, simple and more fun

Mission statement:

BOLORO Afghanistan develops new acceptance applications to replace cash usage in Afghanistan, promote cash less innovative technology and brings high level of brand awareness and preference for BOLORO.
BOLORO builds strong agent network from urban to rural areas, where Mobile network Operators coverage reach BOLORO will shine there.
BOLORO will bring ease and transparency in financial transactions by creating functional echo-system through epayments.


We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality. We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.


A commitment to innovation and excellence. BOLORO best known for having a commitment to innovation as a core value


To hold on when the problem appears too challenging, to try again differently, to not let go, to not give up.

Our story

We are committed team for excellence service delivery to Afghans.

We are prime eTop up distributor of all Telecom companies in Afghanistan, and we are active in this field since 2008.

We are continuously contributing to digitization process of financial system in Afghanistan, and we have been successful for promoting eTop up instead of physical pre-paid voucher cards.


BOLORO digitizing Afghanistan’s payment system

Promote eTop up usage

We will substitute eTop up usage instead of voucher card

Agent network expansion

Digitization is impossible without strong white label agents, every day new agents join our network

Making payment simple

Promoting digital payment services to contribute to financial inclusions

BOLORO builds brand

Providing high class services and bringing continues innovation in digitizing Afghanistan’s payment system

Services Learn more what we serve

Telecom electronic recharge card

Telecom electronic recharge card

Mobile payment services

Mobile payment services

Telecom SIM Services

Telecom SIM Services

Telecom scratch cards

Telecom scratch cards

eTop up API

eTop up API

Salary payment

Salary payment

eTopup Experience a world without cash

BOLORO iOS Mobile app




Retailers can sell and get favorable profit, while maintaining their customers .


Consumers can get utmost advantage of purchasing mobile airtime any time without limitation for their selves also their friends and family.

Can get profit using our referral program


Activity Reminder

Our robust platform can enable corporations to recharge dozens of SIM numbers with one click.