• Easy purchase mobile pre-paid cards

    Easy purchase mobile pre-paid cards

    Instant recharge your pre-paid SIM
  • Bill payment is easy with BOLORO

    Bill payment is easy with BOLORO

    Pay breshna bill
  • BOLORO mobile money agent network

    BOLORO mobile money agent network

    We are mobile money shop

        BOLORO Services

     BOLORO is  Simple, user friendly, secure

BOLORO is Afghanistan’s Leading Mobile recharge provider
A new way to pay   |  Swiftest approach to recharge pre-paid SIMs
BOLORO offers high advanced technology to its retail base to easily make transactions competent with high security


Recharge you pre-paid SIMs in seconds!
Pay your utility bills

Pay your utility bills

Do you bored of standing in long queues to pay De Breshna bills? Visit BOLORO’s agent network.
Money Transfer

Money Transfer

BOLORO agent network can afford services of Hawala across the country.

Safe & secure

Virtually everyone in the world has a mobile phone Boloro uses the phone number as the unique identifier Boloro works on all types of mobile phones Boloro does not require an internet connection, smart phone or an app


Boloro “Universal mobile recharge” promotes transparency by replacing voucher since voucher involves risk and sluggish delivery to locations. Boloro transaction portal provides end-to-end transaction audit trail
Operation and control

Operation and control

Boloro's airtime distribution management system affords online sales control and enable the team with high standard reporting tool for effective decision making on real time. Online portal offer variety of liquidity management tool


Purchase Bulk pre-paid recharge for all SIMs

Recharge in bulk to multiple numbers in seconds.

Open account with BOLORO and feel free to purchase pre-paid recharge card any time with any amount from any where.


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BOLORO iOS Mobile app

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